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December, 2003
Kymberlee Weil

Kymberlee Weil

Interviewed by Mark Sylvester

Kymberlee was interviewed at the end of the MAX 2003 Conference in Salt Lake City. Her firm, Mixed Grill, produced intro™ for the attendees and Mark Sylvester had a chance to talk with her after a very successful installation of the software. Mark is also her partner at Mixed Grill.



Q: In your profile earlier this year on flashgoddess.com you talked about passion. Can you tell us exactly what you mean when you say passion?

A: Passion has many meanings. I am passionate about martial arts, which means I am dedicated, I am excited by it, I can't wait to go to class and I practice it in everything I do. It doesn't stop when the class stops.

You can't turn passion on or off. It is a lasting feeling. It is a feeling that drives you. Being passionate about your work causes you to be excited to wake up in the morning. Being passionate about your significant other allows you to smile, all the time. Just the idea of being passionate about what you do or who you do it with or how you do it affects everything in your life.

Even if you are not the best at something, if you are passionate about it, you will get there – eventually.


Q: It is obvious as soon as someone meets you that you are as passionate about people as you are about your work. How does this passion for people affect your daily life?

A: In life you never stop learning and by surrounding myself with people whom I can learn from and who challenge me in all aspects of my life, I am learning new things every day. From my technology career to sports to social activities, I strive to be around people who inspire me.

In the technology industry especially, seeing work that others are doing and interacting with the people who are doing amazing work, or using technology in a unique way is something that stimulates my passion and keeps me excited about my career in a very tangible way.

On the other end of the spectrum, I enjoy being the one who inspires people, such as the people who attend talks I give or who read my books. I am thrilled when I hear how my book has helped a career, or changed a career. Just recently, a gentleman bought a book for a friend of his that was going into the hospital and when he saw me at the MAX conference, he asked me sign the book for his friend. Although I feel shy about it, I am always honored when people ask me to sign my books.

Inspiration is a two sided card – I like to give back and inspire other people and I look forward to being inspired by those around me every day. In my career I do both every day, not only with the books I have written, but by the work we are doing. Over and over, people say,“What a killer app you have written (Intro).” I remember at DEVCON last year being in awe at some of the applications I saw. And now a year later, being on the other side where people come up to me and say the same things about the application we have developed is hard for me to believe. It can be overwhelming.