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October, 2006

Shilpi Bharara
Shilpi Bharara



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Location: Delhi, India

Brief Bio: I am an Adobe Certified Flash Developer from India. I am currently working as a Project Manager with a firm in Delhi, India and am looking forward to work as a consultant.

URL: http://www.flashonmind.net My personal website-One thing other than nature that would never stop growing. :) 

Adobe Certified Professional, December,2004
Bachelors in Information technology, Delhi
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, Pune

Who and/or what has influenced/inspired you?
My Mom and Dad have always been an inspiration to me. I am also inspired and influenced by all creative and smart people I have come across or known about through the internet.
This website flashgoddess.com also inspires me a lot.
It is not about the number of years we have been into the industry. When one talks about creativity and innovation, the most important thing that counts is "Passion".

When and why did you start using Flash?
I started using flash in 2000 but used it professionally in 2004 in the last semester of my graduation. I created my college website www.vips.edu
I was fascinated by the creative work by people and so decided to be a part of the community. Though I realize that I have been able to scratch only a little bit of it but with time, my passion and will to work in this technology is increasing tremendously.

What do you like most about Flash?
The possibility that flash creates to become an 'Interactive Developer' where you can use both your creativity and logic. It is a great development tool as well as it has a brilliant design capability. Being an extremely light medium of animation it is no less than a revolution to the web.

Favourite websites:

Favourite book:
Currently...Why men don't listen and women can't read maps

Favourite artist:
Van Gogh, Vermeer, N.S. Bendre

Favourite music:
Lady in Red, I'm alive, I believe I can fly

Other interests/hobbies:
Skating, Movies, Novels, Music

Other Comments:
Thanks for creating a site to promote women working with Adobe Flash.