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Flash Goddess
May 2003


Sonia Hernando

“Inicio Luis & Sonia”
Creator: Sonia Hernando


Curator Review:

With its flying pigs, bouncy clouds, and springy flowers, this site is undoubtedly the most irreverent and amusing site I’ve had the pleasure to review. Sonia has mixed delightful imagery with an unconventional user interface to create a site that is so entertaining to use that I find it difficult to stop clicking – visiting and revisiting sections just to continue exploring.

Sprays of flowers erupt into a meadow, parachuting pigs fly together in formation, and informative clouds bounce onto the screen – all produced by programmatic motion. Contrasted to the cartoonish interface, the site also contains fantastic, and sometimes disturbing, photographs. The juxtaposition of realism and whimsy works, I think primarily because the palette used for each of the content is very clear and distinct; the photographs contain a muted, limited palette while the rest of the site is vibrant and rich.

Sonia’s usage of Flash is impeccable. While math and programming are used to enhance the site, they aren’t used frivolously. The attention to detail is superb. Even when launching photos in popup windows, a loading screen is provided via a Flash shell. This meticulousness puts this experimental site over the top into the realm of brilliance.