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Flash Goddess
July 2003


Shirley-Ann Dick

“Interactive Trigonometric DaisyChains”
Creator: Shirley-Ann Dick


Curator Review:

DaisyChains is a Flash MX experiment in motion and math by Shirley-Ann Dick. The flowers float and follow each other in 3D space and the motion of the mouse affects their paths. Bouncing along sine waves, looping into infinite spirals, or pursuing each other in seemingly random yet relaxing patterns, the daisies create serene and intriguing displays of motion.

This Flash experiment by Shirley-Ann embodies the spirit we seek at Flash Goddess. The piece is sleek and lovely while also using advanced Flash ActionScripting. It’s not a simple “one-off;” the piece actually demonstrates many types of motion and 3D space relationships using mathematics.

Endlessly mesmerizing and ever changing, DaisyChains captures the imagination by very subtle and succinct means.