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Flash Goddess

November 2002




Keka Marzagao



(Keka’s Personal “Visualry”)
Creator: Keka Marzagao


Artist Statement:

it started as a lab for my design, a place to try to find my own style. instead, just as i realized i didn't want a style, i found a language. from experiments, to playthings, to thoughts and statements, the "visualry" changed as i changed, it followed me and provided an ear to hide my screams. it also follows me in the fact that it speaks two languages, it thinks and it lives in two languages. Portuguese, my native brazilian tongue, and english, my adopted tongue, salivate on each other in a nonsensical attempt to decipher myself. it's a space for wonder and wander. it just is.

Curator Review:

Keka’s personal site delivers a refreshing blend of charmingly hand-drawn imagery and innocuous themes infused with a childlike whimsy. The site is a broad tapestry of quick looped animations and amorphous visual explorations.

Each piece of this site is inextricable from the whole. When experienced as a timeline of creation, a sense of personal history arises; a journal of intimate messages and experiences. Additionally, the main navigation page offers users the ability to join a communal visual space by donning the appearance of a child’s doll, creating a menagerie of silent, eerie visitors.

The Visualry also provides a page where users can submit video and audio vignettes or text messages, entitled “The Vault”. This is a clever use of Flash MX video and audio recording, and acts as a multimedia guest book.

Keka uses Flash simply as a tool to execute her ideas; the visual conventions commonly used in Flash have not seemed to distract her. Her command of Flash is apparent in her subtle usage, allowing the creativity of each piece to be the focus. Her site is a fresh playground crafted from an inspired spirit and skill set.