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August 2005


Simona Lo
Simona Lo

Simona Lo


Artist Statement:

Seriph.com is my personal project, meant to be a design and artistic playground that keeps me creatively stimulated. The name came to me in a delirium while on my third all-nighter junior year in college and stems from a misspelling to the word seraphim or seraph - the highest of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology.”

Curator Review:

What would a sunset in heaven look like? Well... I'm pretty convinced I saw one browsing through seriph.com, a super smooth Flash showcase of Simona Lo's beautiful illustrations. Her art conjures the impression that Dali's world of surrealism suddenly escaped from oil and canvas to mix with a Tim Burton fairy tale. Despite the radical use of stygian blood red and black colors Simona breathes a certain aura of ethereal life into them, creating not the expected depressive and gloomy Goth cliché but something angelically dreamlike. Suddenly I think angels dress in black and like to play with hell-fire while shrouded in an otherworldly aerial haze... at the same time things start feeling rather warm and cozy. Quite a curious combination if you ask me.

When she's not dreaming up wickedly surrealistic illustrations Simona gets to do lots of other fun stuff like being one of the crazy design astronauts at BigSpaceship, partaking in the invention of mad movie sites like The Skeleton Key, Van Helsing, and Crash.


Curator: Nathalie Lawhead
Nathalie Lawhead is an artist, poet, writer, and sculptor. She works as a senior designer, and Flash developer for the infamous group of IT goons’ known as AlienMelon. Momentarily her physical location is the medieval town of Kranj, Slovenia but she lives online fused to her computer and the web.