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September 2005



Vicki Wong | MEOMI DESIGN | www.meomi.com

“Meomi Design is co-founded by Vicki Wong (Vancouver) & Michael Murphy (LA). Meomi specializes in character design, illustration and design by enlisting the help of a talented army of squirrels. Our artwork has appeared on clothing, toys, merchandise, and games worldwide. We have pushed pixels for: Fisher-Price, Electronic Arts, TimeOut, Cingular, and PixelBlocks. Long Live the Critter Coalition!”

How did Meomi come about? What's the story behind all this playful pixel madness?

Meomi came about when Michael & I decided that drawing little animals and making up stories is funner than doing work. But as it turns out, work *can* be drawing critters... and sometimes vice versa.

So, Meomi's goal is to get a critter into every household. What impact would this have on the world?

It was proven that kitten purrs can heal bones. So I'm assuming everyone will be a lot healthier.

Is the power of critters often underestimated in today's design and advertising world?

I think the critter influence is more subversive. We start them off at a young age by surrounding human babies with pictures of kittens and puppies. By the time they are adults, they are sufficiently brainwashed to not be aware of their undying allegiance to their critter overlords.

Meomi is definitely one of the worlds leading providers of high quality critters, each appear to have a unique personality, and story behind them. What inspires you to create them? How do they come about?

Inspired by the animals of course! We buy our stories off third world critters at low prices (thankfully they are not yet unionized) then we resell them to the human public at high prices. That's how we make our huge profits!

Meomi is running quite a talented empire of cuteness: Character Design, Print, Animation, Flash, Branding & Logo Design, Fashion Accessories, T-Shirts, and even Sound Design... what is the organizations next creative move towards Critter World Domination? Future projects/aspirations?

Unfortunately I can't go into detail, but it would definitely involve corrupting human minds with critter games and publications.

Curator Review:

Filled with yummy pixels, and beady-eyed beings that induce "Awe!", Meomi takes the ball when it comes to the fine art of cute and fluffy things.

As "inside-sources" now confirm: their plan for total "Critter World Domination" is making rapid progress. Pixel by pixel, squirrel by squirrel they are subversively placing a critter in every home as you read this!
...And I, for one, certainly don't mind.

Ranging from cuddly vector vermin to finely dotted isometric pixel art their work is incredibly detailed, and playfully immersive; such as the tasty banner sitting on the equally tasty Bang-On store website, effectively capturing the atmosphere of a mall swamped by a colorful range of busy pixel shoppers.

But hey! Why not play a part in this nutty escapade and spread the mad critter love by casting and directing your own crew of fluffies to star in a MonkeyPow Flash e-card? Then again, if the t-shirts, buttons, and mass-fuzz production in the Character Factory doesn't convince you that these little animals mean business the various Flash games will.

Meomi.com is riddled with numerous interactive goodies like the "acorn-tree memory game" where a host of naughty critters occupy a tree refusing to come down at the discomfort of their rather perturbed open-mouthed pixel friend. You have exactly 20 U-Nuts to find them all... (Note: I lost and was consequently pwnd by a gang of unruly hooligan chipmunks.) Also, be sure not to miss the adorable Meomivision Flash animation, or the CrushChronicle, or the Garden of Days, or the... My god! Enough said! Go forth and mingle with the fleecies... It's well worth the next 5-10 hours of your life.


Curator: Nathalie Lawhead
Nathalie Lawhead is an artist, poet, writer, and sculptor. She works as a senior designer, and Flash developer for the infamous group of IT goons’ known as AlienMelon. Momentarily her physical location is the medieval town of Kranj, Slovenia but she lives online fused to her computer and the web.