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Flash Goddess
June 2005


Giulia Balladore

Giulia Balladore


Artist Statement:

“Juniatwork is my personal site and represents the easiest way to showcase my stuff. It contains my Flash made illustrations from 2003 to present. What strikes most is my central focus on the human figure in each of my works; that's simply why I cannot draw without having a source of inspiration within someone I see.”

Are you self-taught?

Yes, I've never attended any design course.

You say you start sketching on paper, scan your drawing into the computer, and work on the illustration in Flash. Does all your work come completely from your own imagination, or do you base any of it on models, or photographs?

I think it's impossible not to be influenced by our surroundings, and inspiration is an essential part of my work.

How long have you been working with Flash?

I've been using it as a design tool since 2002, and I've been fond of the 5th version.

Have you found any setbacks or limitations to using the software?

Both limitations and set backs; it took me a lot of constancy to reach the first acceptable results. I found it really exciting bringing out from Flash a use that most people don't take into consideration.

Do you think Flash, as an illustration tool, is underestimated?

Of course; Flash is first of all an animation software and everybody handles it in this way.

Would you, or do you use any other software for illustrating?

I like implementing my images playing with Photoshop. Lately I'm taking it to other design software.

Do you also create art off the computer, or is "digital" your preferred medium?

I've always had a pencil in my right hand since I was at the nursery school. I love drawing and especially doing pencil and china ink portraits.

Curator Review:

Combining the classic elegance and realism of Renaissance portraits with the more contemporary touch of glossy like photographs from a fashion magazine Giulia Balladore’s work captures the spirit of modern women. She possesses the rare talent of breathing personality into her vector drawings, endowing each portrait with an aura of dignified sophistication, evoking respect. Appearing both incredibly beautiful and alive they bear a modern semblance to Sandro Botticelli’s women. Undoubtedly Giulia’s hyper-realistic portraits have the curious ability to grab your attention with their flawless features. In this case, the exclusive choice of software is just as intriguing: Flash. The program known mainly as "the industry standard" for bringing rich content to the web is rarely used as, or considered an illustration tool. Her eloquent utilization of Flash's vector capabilities stands as a final repartee that the software is indeed more than simply an animation tool.

Curator: Nathalie Lawhead
Nathalie Lawhead is an artist, poet, writer, and sculptor. She works as a senior designer, and Flash developer for the infamous group of IT goons’ known as AlienMelon. Momentarily her physical location is the medieval town of Kranj, Slovenia but she lives online fused to her computer and the web.