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Flash Goddess
September 2003


Baiyu Zhang

Blue Baiyu - Personal Site
Creator: Baiyu Zhang


Curator Review:

Baiyu Zhang’s (almost) self-titled personal site contains what you would expect from an interactive maven – portfolio pieces, featured work, and contact info. However, the spiffy intro and fun experimental pieces are what launched Blue Baiyu into the Flash Goddess Gallery.

Every aspect of Baiyu’s site is polished and graceful. The introduction is quick and can be missed in the blink of an eye - as a good intro should be. It elegantly builds out the interface of the site with rapidly popping lines and flashing boxes and presents us with a clean and easily navigable site.

Baiyu’s “Experiment” section currently contains three charming Flash pieces. Included in these is an interactive experiment that dynamically scales rectangles and flying dots. These shapes are sized according to the speed of the mouse motion. It’s amusing to play with and aesthetically interesting due to its unconventional interaction methods.