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Flash Goddess
April 2004


Joze and Zlata Volaric
Joze and Zlata Volaric
Milena LawheadNathalie Lawhead
Milena and Nathalie Lawhead
The Haiku Forge
The Haiku Forge
The Haiku Forge
The Haiku Forge

The Haiku Forge

Artist Statement:

The Haiku Forge is a collaborative work of two well-known Slovenian artists and authors: Joze and Zlata Volaric, the translation and
editorial talent of Milena Lawhead, mixed with the Flash design and artwork of Nathalie Lawhead.

The site is a tribute to the aesthetic traditions of the Japanese Haiga
masters. Haiga are a combination of Haiku poems and brush artwork. They often depicted simple subjects out of everyday life such as birds, clouds, or plants, sketched in black and white.
The site’s main theme is lost birds traveling through clouds, painted in
watery ink like black and white. The Haiku and large portions of the site are framed with a calligraphic border resembling Haiga's quick, sketchy lines.
As in Haiku the ssite is a play between images in the poem, and images in the Haiga painting, accompanied with random sound.

Upon entering the visitor is faced with a sentence "moments lost in time".
Each of these words "moments", "lost", and "time" is a Haiku category depicting the feelings the author had in those particular situations. The three menu’s expand offering thirteen different Haiku, which trigger one of three random Haiga animations, at the end of which one of three random Haiku load, along with a random photograph.

The entire site is based on Math.random.
Random animations, random photographs, and random Haiku, which load randomly through a small function.
Random sound which is attached to three mouse states (Over, Down, Release), and, after it’s downloaded, randomly plays either a cello or musical voice when the mouse is pressed, or a small segment of an orchestra when the mouse rolls over one of fifteen invisible button ‘hotspot’ randomly placed on the screen.

The Haiku Forge utilizes Flash to create interactive Haiga with dancing
imagery all capturing the viewer in the middle of a completely random and unexpected moment.

Curator Review:

Haiga Forge beautifully interpreted is all liquid. It flows like melting snow in a magnificent mush of motion graphic and sound. The random nature of this piece appeals to me, I mean it is as it should be, a spontaneous and interactive journey that plays with the senses. The words are beautiful and the images intricately woven together with a menu of dripping numbers. Like melting snow we move through moments lost in time, each a new journey due to it's randomness. I was mesmerised by this truly hypnotic piece of Flash.