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September, 2005

Sophie Toulouse

Sophie Toulouse

Sophie Toulouse

Based in Paris, France, Sophie Toulouse is a talented and innovative Flash
designer. She is creator of Nation of Angela and other avant-garde animations
that will surprise and delight you. Her portfolio can be seen here:
What is your location?
What are the details of your education? Do you have any formal design/programming education?
When did you get started using Flash?
i started with after effects
What do you like most about Flash?
it allows you to control every step of the way
What are your other interests and hobbies?
food. ..!
Please tell us about some of your favorite sites.
wkinteract.com [because i love his stuff]
stephanemanel.com [because i love his stuff]
olfsdotter.com [because i love her stuff]
Any music you like to listen to when you are creating in Flash?
the music i use to do the piece, often made by my friend ramshackle
Who and/or what has influenced and inspired you to keep creating?
people along the way= my friends
Do you feel there is a difference between male and female Flash creations?
of course there is! like in everything else in life, men are more tedious, precise women are more passionate, creative, instinctive. ..
[it's a bit of a stereotype i know!]
What do you suppose can account for the lack of female Flash designer/developers?

this exact thing i mentioned above [using flash can be a very tedious

Thank you Sophie!


Interviewed by Camille Pietralunga

Camille Pietralunga (www.camillepietralunga.com) has over eight years experience as an Interactive Designer and writer. Camille is fascinated with Flash and its amazing capabilities. She is excited and honored to be able to speak with so many talented female Flash designers and developers.

To contact Camille, email Camille@camillepietralunga.com.