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The 2007 Flash Goddess Award

The 2007 Flash Goddess Award

Sponsored by FITC Design & Technology Events

We had so many great entries in our first annual contest that it was very difficult to choose a winner!

Sze Sze Ong  

Congratulations to Sze Sze Ong sswoss.after6ix.com first place winner of the 2007 Flash Goddess Award! The judges were impressed by her unique design style as well as her technical abilities. Her portfolio contains a variety of aesthetics and Flash was used in an assortment of innovative ways.
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The runners up prizes (in no particular order) are awarded to:

Benedita Feijó

Stacey Mulcahy

Kristen Novak

Lena Cardell

Andrea Martinek

Sandy Tnay

Sylvie Bissonnette

Kristin Henry

Adelle Rempel

The first ever annual Flash Goddess Award is designed to recognize, promote, and reward talented, yet not quite discovered, women designers/developers working in the Flash industry.

Applicants were required to submit for consideration their online portfolios and/or projects they have worked on. They were judged on concept, visual design, technical excellence, and the overall effectiveness to bring these elements together to give us the 'wow' effect. We wish to highlight women who are innovative, creative and inspirational in their production of interactive media.

First prize winner of this award will receive the following:

-Promotion and profile on Flashgoddess.com
-Promotion and profile on FITC.ca
-A Ticket to the FITC Toronto 2007 Festival on April 22-24, 2007
-Award and recognition at the 2007 FITC Design & Technology Awards on April 24th, 2007.
-An Amazon voucher valued at US$250 ( supplied by FlashDen.net )
-3DEnvironment ( compliments of Flashloaded )

+ 10 runner up prizes of FITC festival tickets
+ $25 worth of credits each to spend on FlashDen.net

Please note that winners will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations if required.


-Applications will be entirely decided upon by the Flash Goddess judging panel.
-Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
-IF YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL, you will receive email confirmation by April 5th. If you do not receive an email, unfortunately you were not successful.
-Prizes have no cash value and can only be rewarded as listed.
-Sponsors and affiliates of the Flash Goddess Award may submit sites for consideration. Please note, said sites are in no way given preferential consideration.
-Entry is open to any female Flash Designer/Developer, of any age, living in any country.

* Contest is now closed *


Ann-Marie Cheung


FITC Design & Technology Events

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2007 Flash Goddess Award Judging Panel

Ann-Marie Cheung

Ann-Marie Cheung
Founder, creator and editor

Freelance Creative

Ann-Marie, an Associate of the Ontario College of Art comes from a traditional art background. She began her career in multimedia and web design and development in 1997.
Ann-Marie founded and created FlashGoddess.com in 2002 to showcase and promote women in the new media industry.

Carole Guevin
Netdiver digital culture magazine & international design portal

Carole Guevin is an experienced communication designer, new media pioneer, theorist, philosopher and founding partner of Feed Your Eyes creative continuum, the publisher of Netdiver digital culture magazine.

Raissa Mould
Freelance Flash Developer

Raissa Mould specializes in programming Flash applications for online or off line use. Raissa is an experienced Flash Developer who has been working in this industry since 1996.

Cyan Ta'eed

Named after one of the four quintessential colors of the print medium, Cyan was always going to have a life in visual communication. After studying graphic design and working under some of the best in the industry, Cyan went on to not only art direct but manage her own web and graphic design agency, Good Creative.

She co-founded FlashDen.net in 2006, and since then has spent her time fostering flash talent from all over the world and promoting the medium to anyone who will listen.

Kymberlee Weil Kymberlee Weil
Co-Founder and President
introNetworks, Inc.

Kymberlee is the Co-Founder and President of introNetworks, Inc: creators of the award winning Rich Internet Application developed in Flash. introNetworks started out as a back of a napkin idea and has turned into a thriving company with eight employees, a virtual network of outside programmers and over one hundred and thirty customers. Prior to introNetworks, Kymberlee served as the Director of Flashforward and wrote two books on Flash technology. As a serial entrepreneur, Kymberlee has a strong passion for business and an obsession with technology. Speaking of passions, after sixteen years, Kymberlee, a Second Degree Black Belt, continues to make time for her Martial Arts training at least three times each week. Kymberlee's advice to aspiring female developers and designers is: Follow your passion… it just may change your life.